About me


Rob James, a British South African and now living in Mexico, has over 20 years experience in web, video, and graphic design and loves clever design that solves problems. Rob is insatiably curious and has an intense drive to solve problems. This makes him very good at coming up with creative and effective solutions for design, marketing and business growth.

It’s also been a great adventure that I wouldn’t change for the world! I love the freedom to choose projects that interest me, work with people that I can learn from and travel when I want to.

Rob is a WordPress specialist and has years of experience working with the platform and the various programming languages that it makes use of. He is also experienced with server management, web hosting and providing support. Rob loves working on WordPress websites and being involved in working on a maintaining clients’ websites.

In addition Rob worked in both television and the film industry as an editor for many years and also has his name in the IMDB as a film editor.
These skills make him awesome at designing automation processes that increase productivity and profits. He loves what he does and that really shines through in the work that he produces.

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